UnionTech Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive technology enterprise specializing in the development, manufacturing, sales, and service of CNC machine tools.


The company has a professional technical team dedicated to the field of CNC machine tool manufacturing, which has set a new banner in the CNC machine tool industry with over ten years of technical experience. There are currently five mainstream product series: vertical machining center series, horizontal machining center series, CNC lathe, and gantry machining center series. The high-speed machining center machine in the vertical machining center series is our company's re promoted product. This series of machine tools has the characteristics of high speed, high rigidity, high performance, and high efficiency, and has quickly become the preferred machine tool equipment for industries such as communication, consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace companies.


UnionTech Machinery Co., Ltd. is based and means on precision machining, precision testing, and precision  assembly, persistently pursuing high-end technology, highend market, and high-efficiency goals, closely following the forefront of industry technology, high standards, high starting points, and strict requirements.

Our mission

To help customers improve productivity, optimize production processes, and enhance product quality by providing efficient, precise, and reliable robotic arm solutions.

Our vision

To become a global leader in robotic arm manufacturing, providing high-quality, efficient, and reliable robotic arm solutions to various industries, empowering our customers to achieve automation transformation, enhance productivity and competitiveness.

Our belief

To create greater value for customers and bring greater impact to the industry through continuous innovation and outstanding technology, and to promote the development of global intelligent manufacturing and automation technology.



  • Engraving machine CE certificate 2022
    Engraving machine CE certificate 2022
  • Engraving machine CE certificate
    Engraving machine CE certificate
  • Lathe certification
    Lathe certification
  • UNION CNC Trademark
    UNION CNC Trademark
  • Laser FDA certificate
    Laser FDA certificate




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  • Paul Ambedkar
    Paul Ambedkar
    The USA
    The machine is very easy to use. It is very convenient to use it directly when it is powered on. The processing efficiency is much faster than the manual milling machine I use, and it is also very accurate. I have already recommended it to my friends!
  • Ron Vortex
    Ron Vortex

    I am pleased to announce that the products are a great value. The sales staff Echo Wang was very helpful on my decision making as I am new to machining and made good choices with the help from my sales person.

  • Toni Mira Espi
    Toni Mira Espi

    This is a well built CNC, with all the required functions for conventional 3 axis machinig, including drilling, milling and tapping. Traverse is fast, tool change is reliable and smooth and the controller is intuitive. Laminated glass windows with steel frame on each side and sliding doors allow easy access, cleaning and service.